NAC Match Report Bacton 16th March 2020

NAC Match Report at Bacton 16th March 2020

Back to Bacton for this week’s match, and hopefully some
bigger fish, maybe a few dog fish. The omens looked good as we gathered in the
Red House car park. The wave watchers (all 11 of us) checking the incoming tide
(Low Tide was 18:10pm) for all those little gullies that may hide a decent Bass,
Flounder or Dog fish. The vote was taken to fish to size limits, confirming the
feeling that there were some big fish there to be caught.

The early indications were good with lots of little Whiting
confirming there were fish, the task was to find the bigger ones. The weather
was good, slight swell, little wind, and cool. The incoming tide was coming in
at a pace so there a retreat of the rod rest and gear. The bigger fish then
arrived with Neil Rowe (Peg 3) catching a 70cm Dog Fish (Biggest Round of
the night)
, it took two measuring sticks to confirm the length. Neil was now
on a roll, and quickly followed it with another Dog Fish of 55 cm.

But Neil was not alone, Dene Conway (Peg 2) bagged a 62
cm Dog Fish, with Paul Grothier (Peg 10) – welcome back Paul, and Ian
Childerhouse (Peg 11) catching 57 cm Dog Fish. Not to be left out Russell Taylor
(Peg 8) picked up a 56cm Dog Fish, with Simon Bottomley (Peg 4) and Leon Smith
(Peg 6) picking up 55cm Dog Fish (Leo caught x 2). Woof woof !. (as said by
Donald Sutherland in Kelly Heroes).

It wasn’t just a Doggie night with a few decent Whiting
of 32 cm caught by Dene Conway (Peg 2) and Ian Wells (Peg 5). Biggest Flat
of the night
went to John Catchpole (Peg 1) of 25cm.

Whiting 12
Dog 9
Dab 4
Rockling 1

Match Result:

A total of 26 fish with a combine weight of 20lb 11/16 oz.
(13lb 4/16 oz last week)

A first No 1 podium position went to Neil Rowe (Peg 3)
with 2 fish 216 weight points (4lb 8/16 oz) – see photograph receiving prize
money from with Russell ‘results’ Taylor, No 2 podium position to Dene
Conway (Peg 2)
with 4 fish 162 weight points, Leon Smith  (Peg 6) picking up the No 3 spot with 2
fish 124 weight points.

Next week is Walcott (23rd March) – 18:20pm
High Tide, but watch out for What’s App / Facebook for announcement as the
COVID 19 situation may impact on the event. At time of writing Dene still up
for members to purchase all their essential bait and tackle requirements for
those recreational solo outings

Full results:                     Points

Neil Rowe                        30
+ 5 points (round)

Dene Conway                  29

Leon Smith                      28

Ian Childerhouse             27

Simon Bottomley            26

Paul Grothier                   25

Russell Taylor                  24

John Catchpole               23 + 5
points (flat)

Nathan Drewery             22

Ian Wells                          21

Andrew Turk                   5

Report collated by Simon Bottomley

NAC Match Report – Weybourne 9th March 2020

NAC Match Report at Weybourne
9th March 2020

From last weeks disappointing catches
on the sand, tonight was a “return to the shingle” of Weybourne, North Norfolk
offers so many different beach conditions. Weather was to put it bluntly poor
with gales, rain and everybody prepared to hunker down especially those with a
bivvy. Fishing down the tide (HT 6:20pm) 11 keen anglers pegged to the left of
the pipe. As a change to previous weeks it was decided to fish to size limits.

Things were looking good with Leon
Smith (Peg 1) and Russell Taylor (Peg 10) catching 62cm (see photo) and 59cm Dog
Fish respectively with their initial casts
(Chris Beare was your 35cm Dog
Fish caught on an early cast?).  There
were fish about with 25 fish caught (listed below) totalling 13lb 4/16 oz. The
haul included an impressive Whiting of 39cm for Russell (felt like a cod he
thought……must have been so disappointed when he saw it was a Whiting), and Leon
not missing out catching a 34cm Whiting. There were also a few Whiting around
the 25 – 30cm mark. Biggest Dab was caught by James Ward Bishop (Peg 3) with
a 27cm Dab

Fish Caught
Whiting 12
Dog 3
Dab 10
Total 25

Match Result:

The podium spot went to Leon
Smith (Peg 1) with 5 fish 168 points, No 2 podium position to Russell Taylor
(Peg 10) with 2 fish 123 points, with Neil Rowe (Peg 9) picking up the No 3
(again – same spot as last week) with 5 fish 78 points. Given the weather
conditions it was an impressive haul! Well done.
(last week only 11 fish
caught totalling 3lb 8oz).

Next week is back to the sand
at Bacton (16th March) – 18:10pm Low Tide. Get your bait requests in
early as there may be some Bass about (see a posting early this week in the
What App group from Andy Bunn)

Full results:                     Points

Leon Smith                      30  + 5 (round)

Russell Taylor                  29

Neil Rowe                        28

James Ward Bishop        27 + 5 (flat)

John Catchpole               26

Eamon Finch                    25

Chris Beare                      24

Nathan Drewery             23

Andrew Turk                   22

Ian Wells                          5

Ian Childerhouse            5

Report collated by Simon Bottomley and additional on the peg reporting from Russell Taylor (thanks)

NAC Match Report Overstrand 2nd March 2020

NAC Match Report at Overstrand
2nd March 2020

The signs were good as 10 anglers
gathered at Overstrand’s beach car park. The previous storms had abated, and
the hope was that we were in for a good nights fishing. Weather was fine, cool,
with only a little breeze, and what’s more an incoming high tide. We opted to
fish to the left of the promenade with walked pegs, paying particular attention
to exits over the revetments which would be needed as the tide rose (planned
4.0m by 23:30pm)

The first few casts confirmed
that tide was low and there was some weed. The likely fish fest seemed very unlikely
as everyone took stock of low catches only 11 fish overall (3lbs/8oz). Mr Consistent
(Ian Childerhouse Peg 3) broke the small whiting monopoly with match winning dog
fish of 55cm. Was biggest round at the end of the match. Other notable catches that
need to be mentioned if Neil Rowe’s (Peg 1) 32cm whiting, and Ian Wells (Peg 7)
31cm whiting. Sadly 4 of the group blanked, showing how difficult the session
was, but am sure they’ll be back with a vengeance next match. No flat fish

Fish Caught
Whiting 10
Dog 1
Total 11

Match Result:

The podium spot went to Ian Childerhouse
(Peg 3) with 2 fish 67 points. No 2 podium position to Ian Wells (Peg 7) with 2
fish 32 points, with Neil Rowe (Peg 1) picking up the No 3 spot with 1 fish 24

Hoping for a better catch next week at Weybourne (9th March) – 18:20pm High Tide. Watch this space re possibility of it being a bait pack match, maggots anyone?

Full results:                     Points

Ian Childerhouse             30 + 5 (round)

Ian Wells                          29

Neil Rowe                        28

Dene Conway                  27

Simon Bottomley            26

John Catchpole               25

Gary Moore                       5

Russell Taylor                    5

Richard Hipperson           

Nathan Drewery              

NAC Match Report for Cley on 24th February 2020

NAC Match Report at Cley 24th February 2020

Following previous Monday night cancellations due to Storms
Ciara and Dennis the WhatsApp through the week confirmed that a few of us had a
fishing itch to scratch no matter what the weather. So, with 48 mph winds
expected 7 anglers decided to brave the wind and head to Cley. Whilst it was
windy the sky was clear with no rain.

Meeting up by the ‘bus shelter’ at the Cley car park it
was decided to make it a match point night as oppose to a length match that was
planned. I think some anglers had in mind a bit of practice ahead of the Teams
of Five meeting on 1st March. As a concession to the weather and
that everyone arrived on time, we kicked off at 6:30pm and planned to fish to

Whilst windy the early signs of fish were good, with all
catching quickly. The usual chat up/down the Pegs confirmed the feeling that
little of size was being caught, although most were catching the odd small size
whiting and dab. No one blanked, always a result, with a total of 53 fish
(520 weight points) caught. The star fish of the night was Richard Hip
person’s (Peg 7) Codling of 34cm ……a codling! (see photograph)
and a 26cm
Dab caught by John Catchpole (Peg 4). As the tide started to ebb the dreaded
weed arrived, very frustrating.

Fish Caught
Whiting 37
Dab 13
Rockling 1
Codling 1
Pout 1
Total 53

Match Result:

Codling – Richard Hipperson (34cm)

The podium spot went to Richard Hipperson (Peg 7) with 11
fish 136 points (did I mention that Richard caught a codling). No 2 podium
position to Ian Childerhouse (Peg 1) with 12 fish for 89 points, closely followed
by Leon Smith (Peg 3)  picking up the No
3 spot with 10 fish 86 weight points, just pipping John Catchpole (Peg 4) by 1
x weight point).

Itch scratched, despite the wind and weed, we all caught and
all in all a good nights fishing. See you all next week at Overstrand (2nd

Full results:                     Points

Richard Hipperson          30 + 5

Ian Childerhouse             29

Leon Smith                      28

John Catchpole               27 + 5

Gary Moore                     26

Simon Bottomley            25

Ian Wells                          24

Cromer Sea Angling Club 1960s – 1980s (CSAC)

A series of documents including minute books, records, invoices, scrapbook, and photographs covering activities of the club from 1960s to the early 1980s have been passed to the NAC. Committee felt that these records should be shared with readers of its web site as they are a great historical record of the Cromer Sea Angling Club.

The series of photographs below shows a snapshot of the good old days of fishing for cod along the North Norfolk Coast.

So if your not fishing on a wintry night take some time to reminisce on those amazing fishing catches.

Am happy to supply scan of originals, please make a request via the NAC Facebook page and personal message me.

NAC Match Report for the “Joc Goudie International Beach Masters” held at Salthouse and Kelling 15th – 16th February 2020.

What a weekend, whilst the majority of the country
hunkered down to ride out storm Dennis, 63 anglers enjoyed a windy and wet
Saturday and Sunday on the North Norfolk Coast venues of Salthouse and Kelling
for the 3rd annual “Joc Goudie International Beach Masters
competition in support of the RNLI.

For those us who did not know Joc we listened to the
many stories and anecdotes banded about all weekend. Whilst being a character
known to many within the NAC, it’s his mentoring of young anglers particularly
those within the Scottish international team for which Joc is remembered. So,
it was great to see a contingent of 22 Scots make the long journey to join us
(one angler came all the way from Stornoway to compete) and celebrate Joc’s
contribution to UK sea angling. This was clearly illustrated by The Saltire
flags pitched on the beach by the much needed bivvys (see photos). The
Norfolk area was represented by the great and good of the area hoping for local
advantage over the Salthouse and Kelling beaches.

Booking in kicked off on Friday and a steady stream
of anglers through the day brought in their raffle prizes and drew their match
cards hoping to avoid a poor peg, if you drew Salthouse (Zones A & B) Day 1
you then had Kelling (Zones C & D) on Day 2, and vice versa. The
banter/craic was good with many friendships rekindled over discussion of
tactics for the different beaches. Whilst throughout the day everyone kept
their beady eye on their phones for the latest in weather reports. As the day
ended the forecast was for windy gusts with showers, so the competition was on,
no storm called Dennis was going to beat these anglers.

It was a bait pack match supplied by the Rite Gear
team with 10 yellowtails, 10 frozen black, and a pack of large bluey being the
order of the day, and the key to success was always going to be down the which
peg, and your bait presentation skills (as I was told …….lesson learned the
hard way, thanks Russell).

Day 1 started with the
pegging out team getting up early and despatched to the beaches, great job
Billy, Tyler, Gary and Adam. 33 Pegs at Salthouse and 33 Pegs in Kelling pegged
out. The weather was windy, with a few showers the excitement was building as
everyone hit the beaches, so match on! Early on it became clear that there was
a difference between the pegs on the various beaches and the results show that
there was a 200 fish caught difference between the beaches.

Day 1 summary:

  1. Salthouse           519 fish, giving 103lb* fish principally whiting, dabs, and occasional rockling and flounder
  2. Kelling                729 fish, giving 143lb* fish principally whiting, and dabs
  3. Total                 1248 fish, giving 246lb* fish (*rounded)

Please see the
attached “Results Sheet for each zone’s top 3 podium positions and the full
report for “Overall Results”.

Day 2 saw a change in the
weather, and this was clearly the topic of discussion when bait was gathered
for the final day. With a look at Day 1 results to see the performance of the
peg the previous day. Some were more optimistic than others. The forecast was
gushing winds up to 50 miles per hour and rain, storm Dennis had truly
, and it stayed!

Day 2 summary:

  1. Salthouse           366 fish, giving 72lb* fish principally whiting, dabs, and occasional rockling, pout and dog fish
  2. Kelling                553 fish, giving 99lb* fish principally whiting, dabs, and occasional rockling and pout
  3. Total                   919 fish, giving 171lb* fish (*rounded)

Please see the attached “Results Sheet for each zone
top 3 podium positions and the full report for “Overall Results”.

As everyone headed back to check in report cards and
to dry out, it was up to the back-office team to analyse results and confirm
zone winners and declare the overall podium positions. What was very noticeable
was the difference in results between the days and that the report cards were
distinctively soggy. So well done all for coping with storm Dennis and
producing some impressive results. In total 2167 fish totalling 417lb.  

Having scrunched the numbers (attached) team
adjourned to the Dormy House Hotel for the presentations. But before naming the
winners the task of selling raffle tickets was on the agenda. It’s the first
time I’ve seen a queue for a raffle and additional books needed well done
Nicole and Maggy, and Barry for being raffle master. Thanks all a total of
£500.83 raised for the RNLI.

The results:


Thank all for making it a successful match with top
angling, and a successful weekend of banter, Joc was remembered and his legacy
lives on, it was great to see the Junior anglers exercising their craft, good
luck for the future. See you all next year.

For all the statistics, winners, and photos see attached.

NAC Match Report Mundesley 3rd February 2020

NAC Match Report Mundesley 3rd February 2020

Mundesley was the venue for the first match of the 2020
NAC Summer League, although it didn’t feel like summer on a cool February
evening. Low tide was 19:20pm so two subjects of pre match chatter were the hope
for an early kick off to maximise chances of a good catch to make up from the
previous 2 weeks (Gorleston and Bacton), and what were the final league positions
in the winter league (see end of report for ……..)

Early kick off was made possible by the JIT* arrival
of Andy Turk with his disco dashboard, completing the 9 man team, so the decision
to walk off in Peg positions and fish the first groyne nearest to the foot of
the beach path. Match rules were to be applied i.e. over 18cm and converted weight
points, to give a good chance of a decent result.   

Set up on the beach completed the whistle was blown for
cast in (6:45pm). Being low tide, it was hoped there’d be some early successes.
But it proved to be a struggle to catch anything of size other than an influx
of weed after about hour which for some turned the session into one of
gardening not fishing, and certainly not catching. The usual chat up/down the
Pegs confirmed the feeling that little of size was being caught, although most
were catching the odd small size whiting and dab.

No one blanked, always a result, with a total of 36 fish (304 weight points) caught. 25 whiting, 7 dabs, 4 rockling. The biggest round went to Ian Wells (Peg 2), whilst biggest round was shared by Russell Taylor (Peg 9) and Nathan Drewery (Peg 7) both catching 25cm Dabs.

Match Result:

The first podium spot of the Summer League went to
Russell Taylor (Peg 9) who caught 9 fish for 75 weight points, No 2 podium
position to Nathan Drewery (Peg 7) catching 4 fish for 50 weight points, with
Andrew Turk (Peg 3) picking up the No 3 spot with 5 fish for 39 weight points.

All in all a good nights fishing no one blanked, nice
venue, easy access, clean ish (if don’t count the weed), and we stayed dry. The
final winter league position will have to remain ‘sealed’ for the moment until
the NAC ‘weighting handicap lottery factor’ is applied……..more later.

Next weeks match (10th February 2020) will be
held at Salthouse, a chance to get some practice on the shingle
ahead of the Joc Goudie International Beach Masters 15th – 16th
February 2020
, see you all next week

JIT – Just In Time (Nissan speak)

Full results:                     Points

Russell Taylor                  30 + 5

Nathan Drewery             29 + 5

Andrew Turk                   28

Simon Bottomley            27

Richard Hipperson          26

Ian Wells                          25 + 5

Billy Rush                         24

Ian Childerhouse             23

Neil Rowe                        22

NAC Match Report Bacton 27th January 2020

NAC Match Report Bacton 27th January 2020

With the rain coming down and
checks on mobiles ongoing to see if it would rain all night, 11 anglers, with
new fisherman Jinxy Burnell joining us, met at Bacton hoping for a bigger catch
of sizeable fish than we had seen at Gorleston for the last match of the winter
league. The rain continued as we drew Pegs, checked that it would be a ‘length’
match (over 18cm), and as all had arrived on time, we all agreed to start fishing
at 6:30pm. Jinxy had the pleasure of being pegged next to Nathan Drewery (Peg

The rain kept on coming as we
walked off to our respective Pegs checking the sky for any breaks in the black clouds
and checking out the beach for favourable fishing conditions (wave craft?). Wet
and cold with a little breeze and with only a slight swell on the sea we all tried,
what Ian Wells (Peg 2) declared to me later, to “adopt a positive attitude

Early signs were a repeat of Gorleston
with early catches of whiting being below 18cm as everybody set in for a night
of “slim pickings”. The saving grace were the few 19cm Whiting and small
Dabs which started to be caught so that we all started to record catches. But
still it continued to rain!   

A total of 50 fish (1022cm) were finally
caught, comprising 13 Dabs, 2 Flounders, 34 Whiting and 1 Rockling, slim
pickings but nobody blanked. The biggest round was recorded by Billy Rush (Peg
5) a 29cm Whiting, whilst Russell Taylor (Peg 10) pulled in a 29cm Flounder,
well done guys!  

Match ‘results’:

Mr “Positive Attitude” Ian Wells
(Peg 2) took the No 1 Podium with 9 fish and a total length of 188cm position,
No 2 position was Russell Taylor (Peg 10) with 7 fish and a total length of
148cm, and closely behind him No 3 spot was taken by John Catchpole (Peg 3)
with 7 fish and a total length of 142cm a difference of 4cm… size does

The final Winter league
positions will be published shortly, but I predict that the winners name will
begin with an ‘Ian’. The Summer League (mmm’ should think of a better name) kicks
off with a trip to Mundersley on 3rd February 2020, see you there.

Full results:                     Points

Ian Wells                          30

Russell Taylor                  29 + 5 flattie

John Catchpole               28

Billy Rush                         27 + 5 round

Ian Childerhouse             26

Tyler Rush                        25

Neil Rowe                        24

Simon Bottomley            23

Nathan Drewery             22

Jinxy Burnell                    21

Gary Moore                     20

NAC Match Report Gorleston 20th January 2020

NAC Match Report Gorleston 20th January 2020

Following last weeks ‘whiting
fest’ at Sheringham the mood was good as a total of 14 fisherman managed to negotiate
the cross Norfolk traffic to Gorleston. A great turn-out!

Nev Brighton joined us for his
first NAC Match, and managed to secure Peg 11 with John Catchpole taking Peg 12
to show him the ropes, we look forward to seeing him at future matches.

The weather was on its best behaviour
with a little wind, crisp and cold with a gentle swell on an ebbing tide.
Nathan talked it up with the possibility of Rays reported being caught offshore
so all were in a hurry to hit the beach.

The decision to record catches
over 18cm was an inspired call as the first couple of catches set the scene for
the evening with very small Whiting of 18cm – 20cm being recorded on the score
cards. This set in for the evening as you can see from the weight points
recorded, see below. Whilst a total of 134 fish were recorded the
biggest flat was a 26cm Dab caught by John Catchpole on Peg 12, the biggest
round was a 29cm Whiting caught by Simon Bottomley on Peg 8.

Match ‘results’:

In No 1 Podium position was Ian
Childerhouse with 20 fish on Peg 10, followed by Russell Taylor from Peg 2 with
17 fish, and the ever dependable John Catchpole taking on Peg 12 taking No 3
slot by 1 weigh point from Simon Bottomley in No 4 position on Peg 8 (“must
have been that Dab John”…Simon).

Bacton beckons for next week
(27th January 2020), see you all there.


Childerhouse                         30

Taylor                               29

Catchpole                            28 +
5 flat

Bottomley                         27 + 5

Hipperson                       26

Smith                                     25

Turk                                     24

Wells                                       23

Beare                                   22

Rush                                      21

Rowe                                     20

Rush                                     19

Drewery                          18

Nev Brighton                                  5

NAC Match Report Sheringham 13th January 2020

Match Report Sheringham 13th January 2020

anticipation of the effects of storm Brendan on the match, and whether the
rumoured early arrival of Dog Fish was true,  and who in the top three in
the league would take the night, 10 intrepid NAC anglers kitted up for the
storm and headed for the shingle at the end of Sheringham’s promenade (Lifeboat
station end).   

up in the shelter of the cliffs the wind was only breezy and the sea had a
slight swell with no visible weed. The match kicked off  in great style
with Nathan Drewery quickly catching a 58 cm Dog Fish on Peg 4. So they were
about, it wasn’t a rumour !.

The evening progressed and proved to be ‘Whiting fest ‘ with over 100 Whiting caught the biggest of which were a 40cm caught by Russell Taylor, 2 x 37cm caught by Ian Wells on Peg 3,  and 2 x 36cm caught by Gary Moore on Peg 5. The total number of fish for the night numbered 114 and in addition to the 100 Whiting and the Dog Fish there were few Pouting, Rockling and a 29cm Flounder caught by guess who ? (Mr Drewery was having a successful night !).

managed to catch fish, no blanks. The only quiet point was when storm Brendan
arrived and we all felt the wind and were rapidly drowned with rain, well for
those without a bivvy. When 10:30pm arrived there was a quick stroll back along
the shingle and promenade to the car park for ‘results’ (speedy admin Russell
!) and a chance to dry off.

Drewery on Peg 4 picked up a well-deserved No 1 podium spot (354 weight points)
a clean sweep that also included the biggest Round and Flat. Andrew Turk came in at No
2 on Peg 2 with 17 fish (310 weight points – a personal best), and Simon
Bottomley taking No 3 podium spot fishing from Peg 1 (304 weight points –
another personal best), close on their heels was Gary Moore on Peg 5 (294
weight points). A quick check by of the Pegs shows those in Pegs 1 – 5 came in
the top 5 for the night.

In all
a successful night justifying the feeling of anticipation with everyone
catching sizeable whiting, storm Brendan’s impact was limited, the Dog Fish
arrived (well 1!), and Nathan Drewery took No 1 for the night. I’m sure Ian Childerhouse
and Ian Wells will be back on the podium soon. Finally congratulations to
Russell Taylor for winning the Team of 5s match held at Salthouse on 12th

match will be 20th January at Gorleston


Nathan Drewery
            30pts + 5
Round + 5 Flat

Andrew Turk




Russell Taylor

John Catchpole

Ian Childerhouse

Barry Iseton                   

Neil Rowe                        21pts