NAC Match Report Sea Palling 18th November 2019

Cley/Sea Palling 18/11/19
This mondays match was scheduled for Cley but due to the wind direction creating quite a swell on the shingle beaches it was decided to move the match to Sea Palling as we had only fished this beach on an ebb tide and was keen to find out how it fished on the flood, also the lagoons should provide a bit of shelter from the on coming waves giving everybody a better chance of finding and recording some fish.
Once at our usual parking spot it soon became clear that we would not be able to fish, as with 4 hours before high the water was allready up against the rocks so we moved down to the slip way and 12 of us fished to the left.
The match was allready scheduled to be a length only but not knowing how it would fish we decided to make it an 18cm.
Conditions where far from ideal with rain, hail and some vey strong gusts of wind at times it made fishing very difficult but the fish where there and it was just a case of persaverance.
With the match in full swing and for some plenty of fish coming out word came down that the water was starting to break against the slip way and there was a good chance we would not make it of the beach so after just
1 3/4 hours of fishing the match was halted and we made it of the beach just in time.
On to the results, in 3rd place was Neil Rowe with a total lenght of 316cm,
2nd was Mr consistant, Ian Childerhouse with 400cm and winning for a 2nd time in a row was Nathan Drewery with 510cm also finding the biggest flat, a 28cm Dab. Biggest round went to Andy Bunn with a 32cm Whiting.

Nathan Drewery 30+5 pts
Ian Childerhouse 29pts
Neil Rowe 28pts
Russell Taylor 27pts
Andrew Turk 26pts
Andrew Bunn 25+5pts
Billy Rush 24pts
John Catchpole 23pts
Tyler Rush 22pts
Sam Ellis 21pts
Ian Wells 20pts
Simon Bottomley 5pts

NAC Match Report Kelling 11 November 2019 (the Joc Goudie Match Mans Trophy)

NAC Report Monday 11th November KellingThe Joc Goudie Matchmans Trophy21 anglers braved the 30 to 40 mile an hour winds predicted by the forecasters, how wrong they were, yes it was windy but easily fish-able with the wind in a WSW direction meaning it was coming over from your left shoulder, slight drizzle and fairly chilly to say the least, the sea state had a slight chop in close but again no weed and this time plenty of fish for all.Pegging was as normal left and right of the car park but as always with this venue your either on the fish or your not, the whole venue holds pockets of fish at various distances and if you get in among them fish hard and fast. The winter species have certainly arrived in numbers, fishing an unfavorable tide an hour after high we expected a slow start, but as the match went on plenty of sizeable and undersized fish were caught and released. Top rod on the night and a first time 1st place for Nathan Drewery on end peg 21 with 20 fish for 8lb 8 1/3oz and now the 2019 Joc Goudie Matchmans cup winner, well done.Second podium spot went to Richard “The Coach” Hipperson on peg 16 with 17 fish for 7lb 5 2/3oz including a cracking 42cm whiting. Final podium spot went to Leon Smith on peg 8 with 19 fish for 6lb 7 1/3oz. A total of 224 fish were caught for a total weight of 77lb 3 1/3oz, heaviest round on the night was Richard Hipperson with a whiting of 42cm and heaviest flat fish went to Ian Childerhouse with a 29cm dab, well done to all who fished , next weeks match is at Cley please book in early , we should have plenty of rag, lug and yellowtails available.Please note now that numbers of fish are up, everyone needs to fill out their match cards clearly and get them signed off from the person next to you, if unsure please speak to one of the committee and we will happily show you, also please note when its busy its always preferred if you go to the person on your right to get card signed unless they are reeling in, or away from peg, this makes things fair for all involved, please also make sure fish are returned in front of the person signing and you must return the fish yourself if in doubt please ask.Please book in early for next weeks match.

Full Results

Nathan Drewery 20 fish – 8lb 8 2/3oz 30pts

Richard Hipperson 17 fish – 7lb 5 2/3oz 29pts +5 round

Leon Smith 19 fish – 6lb 7 1/3oz 28pts

Dene Conway 16 fish – 5lb 14 1/3oz 27pts

Ian Childerhouse 14 fish – 5lb 8 2/3oz 26pts +5 flat

Ian Wells 15 fish – 5lb 7oz 25pts

Simon Bottomley 15 fish – 5lb 3oz 24pts

Andrew Bunn 12 fish – 4lb 15 1/3oz 23pts

Russell Taylor 13 fish – 4lb 10 2/3oz 22pts

Alan Tew 10 fish – 4lb 2 2/3oz 21pts

Billy Rush 12 fish – 4lb 20pts

Roger Cunnington 11 fish 3lb 8 2/3oz 19pts

Chick Roper 10 fish – 3lb 3oz 18pts

Dave Mathers 8 fish – 2lb 14oz 17pts

John Catchpole 9 fish – 2lb 10oz 16pts

Barry Iseton 6 fish – 2lb 15pts

Tyler Rush 4 fish – 1lb 13 2/3oz 14pts

Sam Ellis 5 fish – 1lb 10 2/3oz 13pts

Roy Sadler 4 fish – 1lb 8oz 12pts

Johnathan Trivett 5 fish – 1 lb 6 2/3oz 11pts

Neil Rowe 10pts 2 fish – 8 2/3oz


NAC Match Report Mundersley 4th November 2019

NAC Report 4th November Mundesley

17 anglers for tonight’s Mundesley match , pegging was as always left and right of the slip, we had high hopes for tonight’s match and the majority were not disappointed, with 123 sizeable fish recorded and plenty undersized. Conditions for this time of year couldn’t have been better, no wind, no rain and no weed for the most part, fishing a flood tide saw top rod on the evening Billy Rush card 16 fish for 6lb 2 2/3oz , closely followed by Ian Wells in second podium spot with 12 fish for 6lb 1 1/3oz, final podium spot went to Nathan Drewery with 13 fish for 4lb 8oz. Heaviest round went to Andrew Bunn with a 44cm bass and heaviest flat went to Leon Smith again with a flounder of 29cm, well done t o all who fished, as the results show if you were not on the fish then you struggled, finding gulleys and using watercraft can sometimes make a big difference to your results.
Next weeks match is the Joc Goudie Matchmans Trophy match at Kelling.

Full Results
Billy Rush 30pts
Ian Wells 29pts
Nathan Drewery 28pts
Roger Cunnington 27pts
Russell Taylor 26pts
Dene Conway 26pts
Ian Childerhouse 24pts
Andrew Bunn 23pts +5 round
John Catchpole 22pts
Dave Mathers 21pts
Leon Smith 20pts +5 flat
Martin Wheeldon 19pts
Emma Princess Roberts 18pts
Neil Rowe 17pts
Chris Roberts 16pts
Simon Bottomley 15pts
Chick Roper 5pts

NAC Match Report Salthouse 28th October 2019

NAC Report Salthouse Monday 28th October 2019

27 anglers arrived at Salthouse, with tonights match being a length only match it was decided to have two sections spreading the prize table a bit more, fishing to size limits pegging was left and right of the main drive.

Weather conditions were favorable and dry compared to previous weeks with a slight sea running we all hoped for the bass to play ball, and hopefully get into plenty of the winter species. It soon became apparant that as the tide ebbed there wasn’t much of a tide pull and the sizeable fish were scarce in numbers, with many catching undersized bass,dabs, whiting etc.

14 anglers were in section A to the left and out of these only 5 managed to find a sizeable fish, winning the section with 3 fish for 71cm was Dave Mathers, and second place went to Russell Taylor with 2 fish for 46cm. Section B had 13 anglers and out of these 7 caught ,with the overall winner removed from section results as is the norm, this gave Ian Childerhouse the section win with 2 fish for 67cm, and 2nd place went to Richard Hipperson with 65cm.

Overall winner and first time on the podium spot was Chris Roberts with 5 fish for 126cm, 2nd place went to Dave Mathers with 71cm and 3rd place went to Ian Childerhouse with 67cm.

Heaviest flat of the night went to Leon Smith with a 33cm flounder and heaviest round was shared between Richard Hipperson and Ian Childerhouse both with a 42cm bass. From 27 anglers only 12 managed to find the sizeable fish with 25 being caught, well done to all who fished.

Full results:

Chris Roberts 30pts

Dave Mathers 29pts

Ian Childerhouse 28pts

Richard Hipperson 27pts

John Catchpole 26pts

Ian Wells 25pts

Dene Conway 24pts

Russell Taylor 23pts

Chick Roper 22pts

Nathan Drewery 21pts

Leon Smith 20pts

James Ward Bishop 19pts

Barry Iseton 5pts

Simon Bottomley 5pts

Alan Tew 5pts

Martin Wheeldon 5pts

Andrew Bunn 5pts

Ninian Wharton 5pts

Emma Princess Roberts 5pts

Dave Parkinson 5pts

Neil Rowe 5pts

Ethan Eldridge 5pts

Robert S J Smith 5pts

Martin Krilovs 5pts

Billy Rush 5pts

Tyler Rush 5pts

Richard Smith 5pts

NAC Match Report Bacton 21st October 2019

NAC Report Bacton 21st October

A tough night on the beach for the 19 anglers who braved the conditions, wind, rain, surf running and the dreaded weed, all made holding bottom and connecting with a fish very difficult. Out of the 19 only 7 managed to find a few fish. Top rod on the night was Alan Tew finding two bass for 2lb 6oz, second place went to Ian Wells with 5 fish for 2lb 2oz and final podium spot went to Ian Childerhouse with 5 fish for 1lb 14 2/3oz, heaviest round fish went to Alan Tew with a 39cm bass and heaviest flat went to Russell Taylor with a 24cm dab. All in all a very hard match with testing conditions so well done to everyone who fished and to those that stuck it out til the end. Next weeks match is back on the shingle and will be at Salthouse.

Full results

Alan Tew 30pts +5 round

Ian Wells 29pts

Ian Childerhouse 28pts

Ben Bray 27pts

John Harvey 26pts

Leon Smith 25pts

Russell Taylor 25pts +5 flat

Chris Roberts 5pts

Emma Princess Roberts 5pts

Nathan Drewery 5pts

Richard Hipperson 5pts

Neil Rowe 5pts

Dave Mathers 5pts

Nigel William 5pts

Andrew Bunn 5pts

John Catchpole 5pts

David Leigh 5pts

Martin Doy 5pts

Andy Bray 5pts

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NAC Match Report Sheringham 14th October 2019

NAC Report 14th October Sheringham

18 anglers attended the latest winter league match at Sheringham, a calm evening with a forecast for light rain, as some wanted to fish the promenade and some the shingle past the lifeboat station, it was decided to make this match a rover as long as you were pegged next to another angler for recording catches. As the match progressed it was difficult to gauge how everyone was doing being so spread out but as the results came in another good night was recorded. 33 sizeable fish were carded, again 6 anglers blanked but the 12 who did card had mixed bags with 17 bass, 7 flounders a few pout ,rockling,whiting and another cracking sole at 40cm. Top rod on the night was John Catchpole with 4 fish for 5lb 10 1/3oz 3 bass all over 40cm and a nice flounder at 31cm, 2nd place went to Nigel Spencer with 3 bass for 5lb 4 oz and final podium spot went to Andrew Bunn with 4 fish for 5lb 2 1/3oz, heaviest round was shared between the top 3 all with a bass of 46cm, heaviest flatfish was that cracking 40cm sole which fell to Nick Austen on his first ever sea angling trip. All in all a very enjoyable evening showing that the bass are still here in numbers and with te winter species starting to show it could be a great season, well done to all.

Full Results
John Catchpole 30pts +5 Round
Nigel Spencer 29pts +5 round
Andrew Bunn 28pts +5 round
Russell Taylor 27pts
Nathan Drewery 26pts
Ian Childerhouse 25pts
Ian Wells 25pts
Nick Austen 23pts +5 flat
Luke Childerhouse 22pts
Chris Roberts 21pts
Leon Smith 20pts
Neil Rowe 19pts
Dene Conway 5pts
Emma Roberts 5pts
Chick Roper 5pts
Barry Iseton 5pts
Dave Mathers 5pts
Matt Lawes 5pts

NAC Match Report Walcott 7th October 2019

NAC Report 7th October 2019 Walcott

20 anglers arrived at Walcott bend for the latest match
of the season, conditions were flat calm and for a change very little rain.
Plenty of whiting throughout the match, only one bass was recorded in
comparison to last weeks match, this was a 40cm bass for Russell Taylor giving
him the heaviest round prize, heaviest flat went to Emma Princess Roberts with
a lovely 39cm sole. Top rod this week was Russell Taylor with 9 fish for 3lb
15oz, second podium spot went to Dave Mathers with 11 fish for 3lb 4oz, and
final podium spot went to Andrew Bunn with 10 fish for 3lb 4oz,  all in all a good night with 112 sizeable
fish caught consisting mainly of dabs and whiting, well done to all who fished.  Next weeks match is back at Sheringham please
book in early especially with bait orders.

Full Results

Russell Taylor 30pts +5pts round

Dave Mathers 29pts

Andrew Bunn 28pts

John Harvey 27pts

Emma Princess Roberts 26pts +5pts flat

Richard Hipperson 25pts

Eamon R Finch 24pts

John Catchpole 23pts

Ian Childerhouse 22pts

Joe Bettinson 21pts

Leon Smith 20pts

Ian Wells 19pts

Johnathan Trivett 18pts

Nathan Drewery 17pts

James Ward Bishop 16pts

Chris Roberts 15pts

Neil Rowe 14pts

Alan Tew 13pts

Chick Roper 12pts

Sam Ellis 5pts

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